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Plain Jane Buyback Contract Calculator

Currently open to 2GTHR and other WinterCo members.

Special News

  • April 28, 2024: Price increases just applied. P3/P4 PI return to 100% of Jita buy.

1. Select item type:
2. Enter items with quantites:
switch to list or details view of items in hangar, select multiple items with ctrl+click, press ctrl+c, click in box below and press ctrl+v
3. Click 'Get quote':

How to use buyback:

  1. 1. select type of items (ore / goo / ice / pi / reaction products / salvage / ...)
  2. 2. paste list of items in textfield
  3. 3. click '3. Get quote' to display the prices.
  4. 4. list of items with prices and total amount will be displayed
  5. 5. click '5. Confirm'
  6. 6. details (amount, items and description) for creating the contract will be displayed
  7. 7. create contract for selected items and displayed amount, in contract's description paste contract code
Items accepted and locations:

Accepting contracts with Ore in

Max value per contract: 5,000,000,000 ISK (5 billion).
Contract to: A Game of Gnomes (corp)

Accepting following items:
  • Arkonor: Arkonor; Batch Compressed Arkonor; Batch Compressed Crimson Arkonor; Batch Compressed Flawless Arkonor; Batch Compressed Prime Arkonor; Compressed Arkonor; Compressed Crimson Arkonor; Compressed Flawless Arkonor; Compressed Prime Arkonor; Crimson Arkonor; Flawless Arkonor; Prime Arkonor
  • Bezdnacine: Bezdnacine; Compressed Abyssal Bezdnacine; Compressed Bezdnacine; Compressed Hadal Bezdnacine
  • Bistot: Batch Compressed Bistot; Batch Compressed Cubic Bistot; Batch Compressed Monoclinic Bistot; Batch Compressed Triclinic Bistot; Bistot; Compressed Bistot; Compressed Cubic Bistot; Compressed Monoclinic Bistot; Compressed Triclinic Bistot; Cubic Bistot; Monoclinic Bistot; Triclinic Bistot
  • Common Moon Asteroids: Cobaltite; Compressed Cobaltite; Compressed Copious Cobaltite; Compressed Copious Euxenite; Compressed Copious Scheelite; Compressed Copious Titanite; Compressed Euxenite; Compressed Scheelite; Compressed Titanite; Compressed Twinkling Cobaltite; Compressed Twinkling Euxenite; Compressed Twinkling Scheelite; Compressed Twinkling Titanite; Copious Cobaltite; Copious Euxenite; Copious Scheelite; Copious Titanite; Euxenite; Scheelite; Titanite; Twinkling Cobaltite; Twinkling Euxenite; Twinkling Scheelite; Twinkling Titanite
  • Crokite: Batch Compressed Crokite; Batch Compressed Crystalline Crokite; Batch Compressed Pellucid Crokite; Batch Compressed Sharp Crokite; Compressed Crokite; Compressed Crystalline Crokite; Compressed Pellucid Crokite; Compressed Sharp Crokite; Crokite; Crystalline Crokite; Pellucid Crokite; Sharp Crokite
  • Dark Ochre: Batch Compressed Dark Ochre; Batch Compressed Jet Ochre; Batch Compressed Obsidian Ochre; Batch Compressed Onyx Ochre; Compressed Dark Ochre; Compressed Jet Ochre; Compressed Obsidian Ochre; Compressed Onyx Ochre; Dark Ochre; Jet Ochre; Obsidian Ochre; Onyx Ochre
  • Exceptional Moon Asteroids: Bountiful Loparite; Bountiful Monazite; Bountiful Xenotime; Bountiful Ytterbite; Compressed Bountiful Loparite; Compressed Bountiful Monazite; Compressed Bountiful Xenotime; Compressed Bountiful Ytterbite; Compressed Loparite; Compressed Monazite; Compressed Shining Loparite; Compressed Shining Monazite; Compressed Shining Xenotime; Compressed Shining Ytterbite; Compressed Xenotime; Compressed Ytterbite; Loparite; Monazite; Shining Loparite; Shining Monazite; Shining Xenotime; Shining Ytterbite; Xenotime; Ytterbite
  • Gneiss: Batch Compressed Brilliant Gneiss; Batch Compressed Gneiss; Batch Compressed Iridescent Gneiss; Batch Compressed Prismatic Gneiss; Brilliant Gneiss; Compressed Brilliant Gneiss; Compressed Gneiss; Compressed Iridescent Gneiss; Compressed Prismatic Gneiss; Gneiss; Iridescent Gneiss; Prismatic Gneiss
  • Hedbergite: Batch Compressed Glazed Hedbergite; Batch Compressed Hedbergite; Batch Compressed Lustrous Hedbergite; Batch Compressed Vitric Hedbergite; Compressed Glazed Hedbergite; Compressed Hedbergite; Compressed Lustrous Hedbergite; Compressed Vitric Hedbergite; Glazed Hedbergite; Hedbergite; Lustrous Hedbergite; Vitric Hedbergite
  • Hemorphite: Batch Compressed Hemorphite; Batch Compressed Radiant Hemorphite; Batch Compressed Scintillating Hemorphite; Batch Compressed Vivid Hemorphite; Compressed Hemorphite; Compressed Radiant Hemorphite; Compressed Scintillating Hemorphite; Compressed Vivid Hemorphite; Hemorphite; Radiant Hemorphite; Scintillating Hemorphite; Vivid Hemorphite
  • Jaspet: Batch Compressed Immaculate Jaspet; Batch Compressed Jaspet; Batch Compressed Pristine Jaspet; Batch Compressed Pure Jaspet; Compressed Immaculate Jaspet; Compressed Jaspet; Compressed Pristine Jaspet; Compressed Pure Jaspet; Immaculate Jaspet; Jaspet; Pristine Jaspet; Pure Jaspet
  • Kernite: Batch Compressed Fiery Kernite; Batch Compressed Kernite; Batch Compressed Luminous Kernite; Batch Compressed Resplendant Kernite; Compressed Fiery Kernite; Compressed Kernite; Compressed Luminous Kernite; Compressed Resplendant Kernite; Fiery Kernite; Kernite; Luminous Kernite; Resplendant Kernite
  • Mercoxit: Batch Compressed Magma Mercoxit; Batch Compressed Mercoxit; Batch Compressed Vitreous Mercoxit; Compressed Magma Mercoxit; Compressed Mercoxit; Compressed Vitreous Mercoxit; Magma Mercoxit; Mercoxit; Vitreous Mercoxit
  • Omber: Batch Compressed Golden Omber; Batch Compressed Omber; Batch Compressed Platinoid Omber; Batch Compressed Silvery Omber; Compressed Golden Omber; Compressed Omber; Compressed Platinoid Omber; Compressed Silvery Omber; Golden Omber; Omber; Platinoid Omber; Silvery Omber
  • Plagioclase: Azure Plagioclase; Batch Compressed Azure Plagioclase; Batch Compressed Plagioclase; Batch Compressed Rich Plagioclase; Batch Compressed Sparkling Plagioclase; Compressed Azure Plagioclase; Compressed Plagioclase; Compressed Rich Plagioclase; Compressed Sparkling Plagioclase; Plagioclase; Rich Plagioclase; Sparkling Plagioclase
  • Pyroxeres: Batch Compressed Opulent Pyroxeres; Batch Compressed Pyroxeres; Batch Compressed Solid Pyroxeres; Batch Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres; Compressed Opulent Pyroxeres; Compressed Pyroxeres; Compressed Solid Pyroxeres; Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres; Opulent Pyroxeres; Pyroxeres; Solid Pyroxeres; Viscous Pyroxeres
  • Rakovene: Compressed Abyssal Rakovene; Compressed Hadal Rakovene; Compressed Rakovene; Rakovene
  • Rare Moon Asteroids: Carnotite; Cinnabar; Compressed Carnotite; Compressed Cinnabar; Compressed Glowing Carnotite; Compressed Glowing Cinnabar; Compressed Glowing Pollucite; Compressed Glowing Zircon; Compressed Pollucite; Compressed Replete Carnotite; Compressed Replete Cinnabar; Compressed Replete Pollucite; Compressed Replete Zircon; Compressed Zircon; Glowing Carnotite; Glowing Cinnabar; Glowing Pollucite; Glowing Zircon; Pollucite; Replete Carnotite; Replete Cinnabar; Replete Pollucite; Replete Zircon; Zircon
  • Scordite: Batch Compressed Condensed Scordite; Batch Compressed Glossy Scordite; Batch Compressed Massive Scordite; Batch Compressed Scordite; Compressed Condensed Scordite; Compressed Glossy Scordite; Compressed Massive Scordite; Compressed Scordite; Condensed Scordite; Glossy Scordite; Massive Scordite; Scordite
  • Spodumain: Batch Compressed Bright Spodumain; Batch Compressed Dazzling Spodumain; Batch Compressed Gleaming Spodumain; Batch Compressed Spodumain; Bright Spodumain; Compressed Bright Spodumain; Compressed Dazzling Spodumain; Compressed Gleaming Spodumain; Compressed Spodumain; Dazzling Spodumain; Gleaming Spodumain; Spodumain
  • Talassonite: Compressed Abyssal Talassonite; Compressed Hadal Talassonite; Compressed Talassonite; Talassonite
  • Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids: Bitumens; Brimful Bitumens; Brimful Coesite; Brimful Sylvite; Brimful Zeolites; Coesite; Compressed Bitumens; Compressed Brimful Bitumens; Compressed Brimful Coesite; Compressed Brimful Sylvite; Compressed Brimful Zeolites; Compressed Coesite; Compressed Glistening Bitumens; Compressed Glistening Coesite; Compressed Glistening Sylvite; Compressed Glistening Zeolites; Compressed Sylvite; Compressed Zeolites; Glistening Bitumens; Glistening Coesite; Glistening Sylvite; Glistening Zeolites; Sylvite; Zeolites
  • Uncommon Moon Asteroids: Chromite; Compressed Chromite; Compressed Lavish Chromite; Compressed Lavish Otavite; Compressed Lavish Sperrylite; Compressed Lavish Vanadinite; Compressed Otavite; Compressed Shimmering Chromite; Compressed Shimmering Otavite; Compressed Shimmering Sperrylite; Compressed Shimmering Vanadinite; Compressed Sperrylite; Compressed Vanadinite; Lavish Chromite; Lavish Otavite; Lavish Sperrylite; Lavish Vanadinite; Otavite; Shimmering Chromite; Shimmering Otavite; Shimmering Sperrylite; Shimmering Vanadinite; Sperrylite; Vanadinite
  • Veldspar: Batch Compressed Concentrated Veldspar; Batch Compressed Dense Veldspar; Batch Compressed Stable Veldspar; Batch Compressed Veldspar; Compressed Concentrated Veldspar; Compressed Dense Veldspar; Compressed Stable Veldspar; Compressed Veldspar; Concentrated Veldspar; Dense Veldspar; Stable Veldspar; Veldspar;
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